Bounty of the Tofuman

My relationship with Tofuman continues to evolve. Customer? Patron? Friend? Fellow ‘Jew’? Fortunately the tasty and unusual things he and his family bring my way usually outweigh the complications.

After that particularly text-heavy post giving the backstory on Tofuman, here’s some visual evidence of that bounty:

Delicious homemade tofu. So tasty–earthy and nutty and dense–that it’s a snack on it’s own:

2013-10-25 13.44.49

First meal with Tofuman tofu:

2013-10-25 14.26.49

Decidedly UN-baby bok choy:



The Tofuman himself hamming (ha) it up with bok choy and an enormous handful of dandelion greens:


Bok choy grown on Tofuman’s hilltop farm, frozen seafood from the coast via Koala Supermarket. A lot of international strands landed in this saucepan:


Mysterious ‘sour cream’ and the oily tofu taco it melted into:



What Tofuman refers to as wheat kebabs:


Some of the nourishment that comes from the Tofuman farm is not edible (per se):



Up soon, how the seeming strangeness of Tofuman’s one-man organic vegetarian crusade fits into broader shifts in the Ghanaian palate…or not.


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